Ombré - Powdered Brows

Suitable for any type of skin


The world of Permanent Makeup is constantly growing and expanding, and new techniques are being introduced. Powder Brows is similar to the original form of permanent cosmetics and is very much meant to look like powdered makeup on your brows. It is sometimes referred to as Ombre because it is a very soft look resembing what your brows look like when you fill them in with powder makeup. There is an element of fading that is done to achieve this look which takes a seasoned, experienced permanent makeup artist. When done properly, powdered brows even look great as the pigment fades which is why many people still choose this method over microblading. Unlike microblading, ombré brows are suitable on any skin type. If you fill in your eyebrows with powder makeup every day and love the way that looks, then this is the technique for you.

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